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Prescience (pronounced as \ˈpre-sh(ē-)ən(t)s) is the ability to see events in the future. This can be either by divine premonition or human anticipation. While we cannot do anything about divine premonition, we can help executives improve their anticipation powers by analyzing the past data of various types and deciphering trends, patterns and linkages. This allows them to get business insights that adds to their experience and knowledge and helps them to be Prescient about their business.

The great buzz about Big Data and Analytics has caused many businesses to try the solutions. However, the fast changing business environment, the rapid growth of data and a lack of clear understanding of how to harness the power of Data Analytics has lead to disenchantment.

We believe in the power of Data Analytics in helping the Businesses to quickly make decisions based on the insights gained. A pure software approach will not be able to provide all the solutions; rather, it is to augment the human mental powers and insights by quickly deciphering patterns, trends and inferences.

Our Team of Experts bring in a lot of experience in selling, consulting and delivering data analytics solutions in addition to their extensive experience in the enterprise software domain.

A combination of software power and human intelligence will deliver the best solutions for the Businesses.

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Anirban Majumder


Anirban has over 18 years of experience in sales for across Products and Services. Having got keen business acumen in analyzing, understanding and helping customers maximize the value from different solutions, he has been able to become trusted advisor for his clients. In his last role, he was Head of Sales at a IT product start-up company and was responsible for bringing in a few Fortune 500 companies as his clients. Before this, he was working for Infosys, where he anchored sales for all SaaS + BPO platforms across Asia.  Prior to this, he handled Global sales for Digital Surveillance products at Mindtree. Anirban holds Bachelor of Technology degree from VSSUT, Orissa and completed his MBA from Indian Institute of Management. 

Shivakumar Krishnamurthy


Shivakumar has over 20 years of experience at Global captives and IT Services companies across verticals. A hands-on leader, he has built teams from scratch while running the business during start-up stage and grown it to mature and steady state. He was the first employee at AIG Data Solutions – India and setup delivery operations for the Technology & Analytics Services group. During this period, he built a strong BI and Analytics delivery team across multiple technology platforms – SAS, R, Python, Cognos, Qlikview, DataStage and Big Data (Hadoop, Netezza). Prior to AIG, he headed the IT Services business (P&L leader) globally for Mindteck, a public listed company, where he built a technology team of 150+ from scratch in 18 months including the digital and analytics practices. He also had a successful stint at Infosys, where he managed a 300+ service delivery team. Shiva earned his Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT and his MBA from Indian Institute of Management.

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