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Customer have expectations about what they might receive from the data analytics team. Often, these relate to:

Business opportunities that can be detected or Business problems that need to be solved or a tangible output, e.g. dashboard, report or software application.

There is a need to evaluate what the customer wants vs. what may be possible through data analytics. Prescience’s experts elicit the business requirements, wishes and problems and then evaluate the possibility of tackling them based on feasibility. We convert the business questions to the right data / statistical queries to generate the output.

We evaluate the relevant data to find out what specific data is available and about how much evidence it can provide to answer any given question. We offer consulting on what other ways the data can be used to generate insights. Our recommendations will show you steps to improve the data quality so that better insights can be drawn from the data.

Analytics maturity assessment, data analytics strategy formulation


Data program assessment

Data monetization consulting


Data for regulatory compliance

Technology and tools selection

Data program management

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