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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Faster Time-to-Market with Less Dependence on Human Capital

Prescience Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence improves your speed and accuracy in large scale deployments. This is extremely useful where large scale unstructured data is available as our frameworks understand non-linearity in the data and generates a function mapping input to output (Supervised Learning). Prescience ML and AI solves classification and regression problems and ensures better profiling of customers to understand their needs.

Importantly, it reduces the dependency on human capital and helps you serve your customers better and reduce attrition.

Text manipulation and automation

Recommendation engine


Compliance management using text and voice


Fraud detection using text data

Analyzes voluminous, unstructured and variety of data

Handles variety of data – Telecom’s CDR, camera and CCTV, call center, email and chat transcripts, GPS, IoT and  Social media


Functional applications – natural language programming, sentiment analysis, image processing, text classification and analytics

Examples of algorithms are Bayesian Network, Neural Network, Support Vector Machine, etc.

Business application – Recommender systems, supply chain optimization, counter terrorism, homeland security, fraud detection, etc. 

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