Supply Chain and Logistics

Traditional supply chain execution systems have been under tremendous pressure with increasing difficulty of operations, with a mix of global supply chains, cost pressures and ever increasing customer expectations. And then came the Covid Pandemic! We, at Prescience, believe that supply chain systems that embrace data analytics tools can attain a competitive advantage. We provide Supply Chain Analytics solutions to our customers to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions across the complete value chain: sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.


Demand Forecasting, SKU Rationalisation, Contract Compliance Analysis


Inventory Optimization, Service Parts Management


Supplier Analytics, Lead Time Analytics, Product Usage Analysis and more sources

Industrial standard

Order Fill Analytics, Cost to Serve Analytics, Network Optimization

End-to-End Visibility

Our AI and ML based solutions will give companies the ability to better predict highly volatile order patterns from customers. We can help you harness the power of external causal data such as weather, industry sales data, GDP, CPI, employment levels, industrial production, etc., as better predictors of markets shifts and demand drivers in addition to your internal data sources. This brings better sensory capabilities into the supply chain and helps to sense micro-level demand patterns.

We help companies do a complete data-driven analyses of their suppliers to determine the best ones and understand factors that affect their performances. We also help them determine the best inventory policies for finished good, spare parts and raw materials. Our AI and ML based solutions allow sifting through key shipment data including order types, times, quantities, locations and transportation modes to identify root causes for delays and predict points of failure so companies can avoid being charged hefty penalties for delayed deliveries.

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