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New-Age Analytics with Software and Human Intelligence

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The debate is over. Big Data and Analytics are here to stay. However, the rapid growth of data and a lack of clear understanding of how to harness the power of Data Analytics has lead to disenchantment.

Prescience takes a practical approach in unlocking the power of Data Analytics to help businesses take faster and accurate decision. A pure software approach will not be able to provide all the solutions. We believe that a combination of software power and human intelligence will deliver the best solutions for the Businesses.

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Transforming Big Data to Connected Insights

Collate -> Connect -> Contextualize


Prescience Data Enrichment

Driving Business Value from Analytics

Data Readiness -> Data Understanding -> Business Value


Our Services.

Prescience Automated Data Pipeline

Automated Data Pipeline

Automation and streaming of the pipeline to facilitate cognitive analytics

Prescience Automated Data Pipeline

Visualization and BI

Visual storytelling with dashboards for business and executives. Get standard and ad-hoc reports in real-time.

Prescience Automated Data Pipeline

Prescriptive Analytics

Machine Learning and AI solutions integrated with business processes.

Prescience Analytics Consulting

Analytics Consulting

Effortlessly monetize your data, select relevant technology and tools.

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