Data Visualization Prescience Decision Solutions November 22, 2022

Math + Storytelling + Design = Insights
Language puts words together into stories. Math makes sense of numbers. Data visualization pairs the two sides.

Simple work process
We achieve simplicity in visualizing data by three fundamental principles:
Restrain to the presentation of the problem, the underlying mathematical aspects and the key answers users need to see.
Reduce complexity by hiding or aggregating process information not relevant in the given context.
Emphasize portions of the data users are interested in and reduce information irrelevant to them.

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Unleash the Power of Visual Analytics

Since the primary goal of data visualization is to communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to a targeted audience via a combination of statistical graphs, charts, tables, information graphics, narratives, etc.

We at Prescience combine the skills from web development, data analysis, mathematics and graphic design to make complex information engaging, beautiful and interactive.

Interactive Dashboards
Our dashboard services focuses on identifying the story. The story determines the context in which the best business intelligence dashboards are created. our visualization dashboards allow you to get a feel for how easy it to use.
Automated Reports
We offer custom designed visualizations & report layouts that are encased into an automated system. The end result is a unique report that can be generated within seconds at high volume.
Frequently Asked Questions

Data visualization involves the use of charts, graphs, and maps to make complex data understandable at a quick glance. By using dashboards and automated reports, you can easily identify patterns in data, thereby allowing quicker and more informed decisions.

With data visualization, you can make sense of data that otherwise might remain unused or overlooked. Data visualization projects make your data accessible and easy to understand for your teams, enabling them to track trends and analyze performance. Unlike raw data, these projects facilitate actionable insights which in turn offer informed business strategies.

Absolutely. Data visualization is relevant to almost every industry that rely on data like retail, finance, healthcare, recruitment, travel, software. It can help you understand trends and patterns clearly as the data is presented in as charts, maps, and graphics to simplify decision making.

There are several BI tools available in the market based on the different business requirements like Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Sense, SAP BusinessObjects, Looker, Oracle BI. We choose the right tools for our clients based on different factors like ease-to-integrate to their regular processes, future needs as the data grows in volume and complexity, security, cost, etc.

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