VIDA Prescience Decision Solutions November 22, 2022

Innovation and Insights with AI
VIDA helps you move from the traditional way of doing things to an AI and data-driven process that helps you analyze every piece of data and information that you and your partners generate across the retail value chain.



  • Specific Calls to Action based on user persona – Recommendations are provided to improve KPIs based on KPIs for the users’ persona. These recommendations can be insight-based as well as predictive. A few examples of this solutions are:
    1. Insights: A product category sale could be dropping because sales personnel have not visited a particular store for last 1 week
    2. Prescriptive Analytics: Bundling Product A with B for loyalty customer will result in sales improvement of 0.5%
  • Ad-hoc Query in a Self-Service Model for Business Executives – Reports are delivered by running analysis on search of business terms. Examples of such reports are Sales by region, Stores with declining sales, Portfolio performance for X and more.
  • Use the existing data assets within the organization and integrate the same quickly. This data is be organized in a semantic layer for easier querying and usage.
  • Use of modern techniques for data delivery and visualization to deliver intuitively quick reports
  • Collate data to provide a link to existing reports already prepared for detailed analysis, if required

Process and leverage any kind of unstructured text data into useful insights

VIDA – Bringing Data to Life

Customer Engagement is 25% greater with companies that demonstrate analytics prowess. With our unique mix of ‘business backwards’ consulting, advanced analytics know-how and thoughtful design that maps your customers journey and needs we empower you to succeed by putting your Customers first.

 Use Cases
 Case Studies
  • Sales Operations - Analysis and visualization of data for quicker and real-time decision-making
  • Distribution Partner Network Optimization - Real-time analysis of data from sales channels, stores, distribution network and more sources
  • Channel Partner Network Optimization - We helped a large global engineering MNC understand understand the key factors that influence the performance of channel partners
  • Optimizing Store Operations - We helped a speciality retailer in optimizing their network by setting up the right structure, measuring the right metrics and taking a data-driven approach to continuously evaluate the network.
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