AI Connect Podcast Prescience Decision Solutions April 30, 2024

Breaking Down AI’s Latest: Apple’s MM1 & Musk’s GROK AI

Is AI stealing jobs? Get answers to this and other hot topics surrounding artificial intelligence in this conversation. Shivakumar Krishnamurthy shares insights on Apple’s MM1, Musk’s GROK AI, enhancing job efficiency, and making wise tech investments.

Next-Level AI: Football Strategy & Customer Experience

How is AI impacting sports and customer service? Anirban Majumder provides an interesting take on AI’s role in redefining industries. Watch this episode to get practical tips for tech-enhanced customer support and to have some myths debunked by the expert himself.

Decoding AI’s Future: Beyond Coding & Choosing the Right LLM

How is GenAI changing the learning curve in the coding domain? Hear it from Anirban Majumder to demystify its future and get actionable tips on choosing the right LLM. It’s a must-watch for tech enthusiasts and AI advocates.

AI & Talent Transformation: Building a Future-Ready Workforce

Learn about the challenges Google is facing and explore the rise of Generative AI in enhancing productivity across industries. In this video, Shivakumar Krishnamurthy touches on several key aspects, including achieving success with AI, the impact of AI bias on society, data management, and the essentials of building a GenAI-ready team, to name a few.

Bridging Minds to Machines: Unlocking AI’s Potential with Anirban

From Neuralink’s brain-computer interfaces to overcoming data silos for GenAI implementation, this episode covers it all. Discover how these technologies are transforming industries and enhancing personal productivity. Tune in for an insightful discussion on the future of AI.

GenAI Enterprise Adoption, AI in Marketing, and Customer Experience

Find out how Generative AI can help fetch valuable customer insights. Also, learn certain best practices related to Generative AI enterprise adoption. This episode of AI Connect talks about the mechanics of driving AI adoption within businesses and diverse applications of Generative AI across industries.