Solutions Prescience Decision Solutions November 22, 2022

We understand that your enterprise requires cutomised data analytics solutons that address your specific needs. We also understand the buinsess cna technological challenges that come with data analysis. Based on our experience across industries and technologies, we have created enterprise-grade solutions that begin working for you right from day 1, without any prior customisation requirements to go-to-market right away! Explore them in detail.

Vida helps you move from the traditional way of doing things to an AI and data-driven process that helps you analyze every piece of data and information that you and your partners generate across the retail value chain.
An enterprise generates copious amounts of dark data through forms, documents and other such sources. LUMOS doesn’t only bring that dark data to light, it also helps enterprises understand the data and generate insights from it.
The Data Sentinel by Prescience ensures that your enterprise data is clean and is backed by standardized data governance rules. An enterprise-grade solution, the Data Sentinel is scalable and completely customisable.