Customer Insights Dashboards Improved Marketing Programs: A Case study of a Global Petrochemical and Energy Company Prescience Decision Solutions April 30, 2024

Customer Insights Dashboards Improved Marketing Programs: A Case study of a Global Petrochemical and Energy Company

The company is a global group of petrochemical and energy companies with operations in over 70 countries. It has over 47,000 retail service stations and serves over 1 million commercial customers, along with 33 million retail customers, on a daily basis.


The company has a set of global marketing dashboards through which it tracks the effectiveness and efficacy of all the on-going and completed marketing programs. These dashboards help the marketing teams to analyze the success factors of each past program from various countries and customize them before rolling it out for their users.

However, when countries run new pilot marketing programs which are limited to only their markets, their business users do not have any dashboards or reports. The Marketing and Sales teams depend on manually consolidated data which offers limited visibility into intended outcomes and based on this, a national rollout is designed.

Overall, the company needed a comprehensive customer insights dashboard for pilot programs that would help them analyse customer preferences and purchase patterns, as well as customer sentiment. If the pilot program was successful, the Marketing team would leverage these detailed insights to design a nation-wide rollout of the gamification program.


The team defined the various sets of metrics which would need to be monitored by the Marketing team. Based on this, the team identified the source systems and tables. The end-to-end customer insights dashboards and the associated queries to extract all the relevant data from the corresponding source systems were then created.

The dashboards helped track customer behaviour patterns, whether the pilot program resulted in additional sales and revenue for their retail stores etc, and other metrics with multiple drill down reports on each focus area. These dashboards and reports, combined with the feedback on the pilot obtained from different channels, provided the Marketing team with the true result of the pilot.

The different technologies used for this engagement included,

  1. Microsoft Power BI
  2. MS SQL
  3. Azure Databricks

With the detailed new customer insights dashboards, the company’s UK team was able to validate various customers preferences and consumption patterns, while also finding surprising new trends. These insights helped the Marketing team to successfully design their program and its nationwide rollout.

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