Boosting Donor Engagement for a Nonprofit Organization by Automating Processes and Centralizing Data Prescience Decision Solutions November 24, 2022

Boosting Donor Engagement for a Nonprofit Organization by Automating Processes and Centralizing Data

The client is a non-profit organization offering education, nutrition and healthcare to underprivileged children and their families. The organization runs its social welfare programs with donations received from their donors. Hence, it was imperative to have a robust system in place that could help them enhance their donor engagement and manage their welfare programs more effectively.


The client managed their operations through multiple third-party software for education management, donations etc. with data residing in silos. Due to the usage of multiple applications, the client encountered several challenges in their operations, such as:

  • Low visibility and accessibility of donation program to donors
  • Scattered data across many silos posing a difficulty in obtaining a single view of child
  • Manual mapping of child to donor

The key challenge presented to Prescience was to create a platform that introduced superior user experience and transparency across the various touchpoints of the program.

Prescience developed a robust backend datawarehouse to support a data-driven mobile app, thus enhancing the donor management capabilities. The new solution offers:
  • Automated data pipelines that give a seamless view of a child’s performance without having to login to the school application portal.
  • Automated Donor to Child Mapping that enables donors to quickly view which child is benefitting through their donations, instead of waiting for email notifications.
  • Powerful features such reporting database, APIs to mobile APP for data access and implementation using AWS Cloud services, Python and REST APIs to enhance donor experience and win more donors, enabling more children to be benefitted.

Prescience adopted a data-driven approach to develop the solution. Here’s how we went about it:

  • Data integration (Structured and semi-structured)
  • Incorporation of business logic Data warehouse including Change Data Capture and Slowly Changing Dimensions type 1&2
  • Data storage and maintenance
  • Exposing data via secure APIs

With an advanced, data-driven and automated solution in place, the donor engagement process is now highly efficient, allowing donors to view details of the child they sponsor regularly in near real-time. Additionally, the solution felicitates automatic assignment of a child to the sponsor once the donation is given, thereby improving donor engagement and reducing manual work significantly. There is a tremendous reduction in manual errors, thanks to an authoritative, accurate and latest data source. The solution also ensures proper user and donor authentication, boosting data security. With all these benefits, the client is now able to deliver enhanced customer experience, transparency and efficiency in their work processes.

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