Data Quality Prescience Decision Solutions June 24, 2023

Your enterprise is constantly acquiring and generating vast amounts of data every moment. The generation of accurate insights and the development of AI/ML models often depend directly on your data quality. AI systems are only as good as the quality of the data they are trained on. Poor data quality can result in unreliable AI models that produce inaccurate, incomplete, or biased results. However, you are not alone in facing such a challenge; numerous small, medium, and large-scale enterprises are encountering this issue just like you.

Before we delve into the details of how data quality management services can work in your favor, here’s what our Data Sentinel can achieve for you in just a matter of minutes:

Build trustworthy data
Optimise your costs by eliminating recurring processes
Get a real-time view of your data’s health
See your data insights become much more accurate
Say goodbye to redundant and bad data
Make standardization of data your new best friend

Optimize your costs with trustworthy and accurate data insights

The Data Sentinel by Prescience ensures that your enterprise data is clean and is backed by standardized data governance rules. It ensures this by following a five-step process:
Identification of critical data elements

Source data systems and metadata are identified, which result in identification of data elements

Profiling and reporting

The platform ensures that the data being profiled is complete, valid, accurate, consistent, and conforms to standards laid out by the enterprise

Integration with data pipeline

The Data Sentinel plugs into your ETL/ELT pipelines and enables rules to be exported from them. The platform is also designed to scale automatically, depending on the size of your data sources.

Stewardship and governance

We are firm believers in the benefits of data stewardship and governance, and that’s why, we’ve integrated these principles in the Data Sentinel. You can configure rules that perform actions on critical data elements, access reports based on your data and prep the data for cleansing. All this takes place through a rule-based approval process.


This is where everything culminates. You can cleanse your data based on a set of rules that can identify inconsistencies in data, and perform actions based on machine learning algorithms. If it’s patterns that you are looking for, you can introduce them as identifiers as well.

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The Data Sentinel by Prescience is designed to be a self-service platform that brings the power of machine learning to your data strategy right at the beginning of the journey that your data sets out on.

Schedule a demo of the platform with us to see it all in action. You’ll be surprised at how we have made such a complex process, so simple. And did we tell you that everything in the platform is configurable to your business and data needs?


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