We help you remove roadblocks and leverage core data assets with the implementation of the following concepts


External validation of the current challenges you have, and a clear way to bring them to attention.


Exploiting your data and converting that asset into currency


Complying with the laws, regulations and applicable codes


Selecting the right tools, technology and architecture for your analytics initiatives


Untangle Your Data

Every business has questions that can be answered using data but as data explodes in quantity and complexity, companies find it difficult to unlock its full potential. Perhaps you’ve got your islands of analytics, or you are assembling data into a data hub or a data lake and have a mess on your hands or your challenge is more sensitive about data privacy or something can’t be done by an internal team because they lack the time or expertise

Our Analytics Consulting Services

At Prescience we come with pedigrees of creating and running analytics businesses for large technology and consulting companies — including TCS, Infosys, AIG, Mindtree, IBM & Microsoft.

Our analytics consulting services are design-led and framework-based. We also make it fun to work with us so that the end result isn’t countless hours spent in pointless meetings but thoughtful and collaborative solutions which reduce time to delivery and improves accuracy and impact of the outcomes.

Analytics Strategy, Vision and Business Targets

We begin with a purposeful big picture thinking, align with your organizational strategic plan, conduct a systematic inventory and help create distinctive capabilities by calibrating available capability and industry benchmarking.

Analytics Operating Model and Governance

We determine who gets involved in what and define the structure, management and oversight of your analytics projects.

Analytics Skills and Competency Development

We can help formulate the optimal team mix by bringing together quantitative, technical, business, design and consulting skills. We can even tell you how to work with quants.

Data Strategy

Good analytics requires relevant, contextual,timely and sufficiently granular data of good quality. We support your data strategy by providing inputs on aspects like data structure, uniqueness, reliability, integration and augmentation.

Analytics Technology Strategy

We help answer questions around supporting multiple types of data input and analytics, supporting real-time analytics, building up modular and service-oriented technology, integrating new tech with legacy or supporting big data initiatives.

Analytics Security and Compliance

We focus on areas like data breach prevention and privacy, data security model, compliance with data protection laws and managing identities and control access.

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