Spotlight on Dark Data

Making Sense of Dark Data

Over 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, even more so in financial Services. This data can provide qualitative insights into what’s truly happening within the enterprise. LUMOS addresses the Dark Data challenge and helps process, extract and understand text data. The text can be in the form of native or scanned documents or other forms like social media sites, web pages, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any such formats.

Lumos works by analyzing and processing text using NLP based ML and AI techniques. As it uses ML and AI, the solution is agnostic to formats and can process native as well scanned documents in low resolutions.

LUMOS Components

Ability to process multiple formats at scale LUMOS possesses the capability to process multiple formats at scale, agnostic of the source that the data is emanating from. Think of all your customer survey data from a contact center, physical forms and drop-boxes, all automatically processed and ready for you to analyse the already-derived insights

Incudes Feature Extraction, Region of Interest Identification, Text Identification, Contextual Classification, Conversations, Ranking, Synthetic Data Creation. The data is broken into relevant sections, stored, and indexed appropriately.



Extracting specific information from the data and delivering insights. Extensive use of Machine Learning models and adaptive learning techniques allows the data to stay contextual and relevant. The insights are in the form of Charts and Graphs, Conversation Stories and Indexed sections

User interface can be built appropriate to the use case – Intelligent search provided by default, other user interfaces can be AI enabled Conversational Bot, custom interfaces like Mobile Apps and integration with Business Systems via APIs.

Use Cases

Processing of Official Documents
Purchase orders, invoices, gate passes, legal contracts, etc.

Research Workbench
Processing and search for internal and external unstructured data

Customer onboarding and KYC for banks and financial institutions
Automatic scanning of KYC documents, analytics on submission documents for underwriter support, etc.

Case Studies

Bank KYC process
We helped the bank extract data out of bank statements and other documents submitted by the loan applicant

Contract Terms Extraction From Legal Contracts
We helped a firm extract contractual terms from several hundreds of their legal contracts

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