Applying Data Science
& Analytics To Life

We specialize in industrializing analytics by providing
solutions that weave Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) in every aspect of the data value chain.

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Who We Are

Combining our software power and human intelligence to help you become more prescient.

Prescience is a fast growing, focused Advanced Analytics company that helps enterprises become more PRESCIENT (predictive) by gaining meaningful business insights and develop optimized solutions through careful analyses of data. We are a highly productive and vibrant organization of data scientists, engineers and business consultants and are the trusted partner for many global customers .



PRESCIENCE (ˈprɛsiəns) noun – the fact of knowing something in advance; foreknowledge, far-sightedness.

We leverage our deep expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), advanced analytics techniques, latest engineering practices, data visualization and business knowledge to create tangible data driven solutions. We use our significant experience in unstructured data processing using NLP and deep learning techniques to solve some unique business challenges of our customers and create business value through data for them.

Take More Prescient Business Decisions

At Prescience we come with pedigrees of creating and running analytics businesses for large technology and consulting companies


Data Science As A Service

Our AI powered business operations solutions drive growth through analytical foresight and induce fact-based decision-making

Our approach to achieve this potential rests on a few key principles: We integrate your data across your business functions to achieve a single view of operations data; We place emphasis on collecting and utilizing unstructured and external data to improve the quality of data and enhance insights; and build and deploy self-learning, predictive and prescriptive systems powered by AI that can help you approach business operations in unthought-of ways

Our solution space as mapped to your customer’s journey

We approach Customer Data Science always through the lens of deeply understanding your business and your customers and how they experience your products and services across their journey of engagement with you. We utilize this understanding to cut to the chase and provide you with those necessary insights that help you foster a strong customer connect, promote loyalty and deliver an exceptional experience with your brand.
The results : competitive advantage, increased revenue and profitability.

We help companies to derive insights from IoT data for various use cases

We help our customers to derive true business value from their huge and diverse sets of IoT data by generating insights and enabling meaningful user experiences. The data analytics with such data can be used for various purposes such as product usage analytics, preventive maintenance and surveillance and safety.

A Solution Ideal to Assess, Break-down & Optimize Profitability

We get a good understanding of your business and then use advanced analytics to help you understand, model and act upon all the drivers influencing your revenues and profits. We look at the entire spectrum of the sales and distribution processes and find out key insights for you to act upon.

Supply Chain and Logistics


We provide Supply Chain Analytics solutions to our customers to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions across the complete value chain: sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

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Our Trade Craft - The Prescience Advanced Analytics Solution

Innovation and Insights with AI

Vida helps you move from the traditional way of doing things to an AI and data-driven process that helps you analyze every piece of data and information that you and your partners generate across the retail value chain.

Unraveling Insights from Dark Data

An enterprise generates copious amounts of dark data through forms, documents and other such sources. LUMOS doesn’t only bring that dark data to light, it also helps enterprises understand the data and generate insights from it.

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We are Prescience !

A community of curious and imaginative individuals whose purpose is to deliver simplified, contextual insights and recommendations that are fundamental to the success of every Data Science project. Our approach to problem solving is most effective when done by a cohesive group that has a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We embrace difference in a vibrant and youthful atmosphere, celebrate our successes as a team and smile —a lot!