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Experience advanced analytics with our tailored solutions
Welcome to Prescience. We specialize in industrializing analytics by seamlessly integrating Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the data value chain.

With a holistic approach to tackle every data analytics challenge, we examine business problems in their entirety. Our team of engineers and AI experts focuses solely on delivering tangible results that drive your business efficiency and profitability. This dedication to excellence has led us to achieve remarkable milestones for our global clients in various segments such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, etc., unrestricted by limitations.
Advanced Analytics and AI Project Expertise
From Fortune 500 companies to high-growth startups and enterprises, we have collaborated with a diverse array of clients across the globe at every stage of their data journey. Our team of business analysts and data engineering experts works as their trusted partner in the dynamic world of Data and Analytics.
Our expertise spans a wide range of projects, including defining data strategies, constructing data warehouses and lakes, optimizing data pipelines, fine-tuning ML models, and establishing Analytics Centers of Excellence. Whether you're embarking on your analytics journey or seeking to enhance your existing data infrastructure, we're here to guide you every step of the way.
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Data Science Consulting Services
Sales & Marketing

Boost your sales and marketing ROI with our advanced data analytics and AI services. From predictive analytics to targeted audience segmentation, our comprehensive suite of services empowers businesses to unlock new data opportunities, maximize conversions, and drive sustainable growth.

Supply Chain

Improve operational efficiency and discover the future of Supply Chain and Logistics with Prescience. Our data services and custom solutions can redefine your efficiency and optimization, enabling real-time visibility, predictive analytics, and automation to attain a lean supply chain.

Customer Engagement

Our customer engagement data analytics services are mapped to targeted customer journeys, giving the best results to every business: competitive advantage, increased revenue and profitability. From personalized marketing to loyalty campaign optimization, our engineers can help you ensure success at every step.

Business Operations

Our AI-powered business operations services drive growth through analytical foresight and promote fact-based decision-making. Consulting with our team of business analysts and AI experts can address any operational challenges you may encounter.

Upgrade your Data Capabilities Across Functions

Vida helps you move from the traditional way of doing things to an AI and data-driven process that helps you analyze every piece of data and information that you and your partners generate across the retail value chain.
An enterprise generates copious amounts of dark data through forms, documents and other such sources. LUMOS doesn’t only bring that dark data to light, it also helps enterprises understand the data and generate insights from it.

Our Partnerships

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A community of curious and imaginative individuals whose purpose is to deliver simplified, contextual insights and recommendations that are fundamental to the success of every Data Science project. Our approach to problem solving is most effective when done by a cohesive group that has a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We embrace difference in a vibrant and youthful atmosphere, celebrate our successes as a team and smile —a lot!
Make your business more efficient with data accuracy that converts into futuristic insights and ultimately profits.