A Global Retail Platform Reported Higher ROI After Our Data Engineers Optimized their Campaign Performance Prescience Decision Solutions January 25, 2023

A Global Retail Platform Reported Higher ROI After Our Data Engineers Optimized their Campaign Performance

The client is an American multinational e-commerce corporation that manages a large online auction platform and shopping website. They have hundreds of millions of active buyers globally and more than a billion active listings on their platform. They have a significant amount of transaction history and process more than 100 petabytes of data daily.


The company earns most of its revenue through the listing and commission on completed sales. It provides an opportunity to the sellers on its platform to promote their listings through targeted advertisements so that those items stand out among the billions of listings and can be seen by a segment of the millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching for those categories of items.

The sales team at the company needed a better way to monitor the performance of campaigns run by them on behalf of the sellers on the platform, so that quick corrective actions can be taken, if needed. Such an intervention would help them to ensure better RoI for the sellers and would also help them to upsell other advertisements or promoted listing options to the sellers on the platform to increase the revenues of the company.


The data analytics team at Prescience leveraged our experience to create an automated Campaign Measurement Tool. The process comprised of:

  • Identifying the KPIs and metrics to track Campaign Performance. Critical metrics related to campaigns were identified, including but not limited to Impressions, Clicks, Spending, View Through (VT) sales, Click Through (CT) Sales, and GMV impact.
  • The team used data engineering to connect and collate data in real-time. PySpark and Spark SQL were used to create optimized queries.
  • A unified dashboard was built on Tableau to deliver quick insights into campaign performance. Key actionable insights were embedded into the dashboard as highlights.
  • The turnaround time for delivering key insights reduced from days to hours. The stakeholders received quick and in-depth insights.
  • This helped them to track sales growth dynamics and dig deeper into the performance of each campaign
  • The sales team was able to effectively manage the promotional campaigns for the sellers on the platform
  • In addition to these, the client’s team also got quick suggestions about other advertising options and promotions, resulting in higher ad revenues for the company.

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